What's your deal?

  We feel like we already know you. But we don't know the intimate details of your life, yet. That's what this is for...

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Prep work...


We have big things planned for your time at VBP. 
In keeping an element of surprise, we're not going to tell you what those things are quite yet. 

But - in your first week, you'll have the opportunity to learn anything and everything about...

  • Working in advertising

  • What each department does

  • What we do at VBP

  • What keeps people here

  • Getting a job in advertising

And so on and so forth. So please, come with questions!



That's all for now. See you on Monday, June 3rd @ 9:30am!

In case you forgot, we're at 201 Post Street. Dial #0200 to be buzzed into the building + take the elevator to the 2nd floor. 
We'll meet you there.