Frequently Asked Questions

(as in, at least one of you has asked, so we're calling it an FAQ)

What do people wear?

We don't really have a dress code, per say. That being said, we wouldn't suggest showing up in your PJs or a tuxedo...
Typical dress is pretty casual - pants, jeans, shirts, tees, skirts, dresses. 
Shoe-wise - flats, heels, sandals, boots, sneakers (you'll see a crazy amount of Reeboks), etc. - really anything but slippers + crocs (please leave those at home).


Some examples...





Most people come in around 9/9:30am. If you're here before 8am, it's a complete ghost town. 
The office usually clears out around 5:30/6pm, with a handful of people staying late to work those crazy advertising hours you've heard about.

Fridays are the exception - people usually head out sometime between 1-3pm. 



what do i need to bring with me?

All you need to bring is your passport. Paris, here we come!

We're not actually going to Paris. Sorry.

But we will need to make a copy of your passport for employment verification. So please bring that along on Day 1.
(Your Driver's License + Social Security card work as a substitute if you don't have your passport).


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